In 2009 I founded and the tag line was: “The door to your home…your best investment.” For most American families their home is their best investment. For some, it may not be the biggest but it definitely is the best for a number of good reasons.

In this issue I will touch on some of the basic reasons home ownership is your best investment.  This will also affirm why the business of facilitating real estate sales (if the Broker is savvy enough) will be with us for a long time.

The following is a list of only some of the reasons your best investment is your personal residence: Continue Reading »

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In a recent article we addressed selling your home as we discussed the need to price it right. This time, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of pricing for sale.

Proceeding with the understanding that a family’s home is often their largest investment, the subject of price quickly becomes a sensitive one.  Nevertheless, the adage that it is ‘worth what the market will bear’ rings true every time.

Even so, buyers may be willing to pay even more for your home than a bank Appraisal will allow.  While there are several basic ways to appraise a property, the most commonly used approach in 1-4 unit residential property is by comparable recent sales within a close proximity to your home.

In other words, the lender wants to know what similar properties within, say, a mile from yours sold for withing the last 3 months or so.  This presents a number of challenges to the seller and their agent.  Why?  Well, if you are not in a large tract of 15 year old (or less) homes there simply may be no comparable properties, much less recently sold ones.

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Are you thinking about selling your home? Right after the holidays is a good time to hit the market.

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Inevitably, whenever the subject of selling your home comes up, the question arises: "How much?" In this article we will address some techniques that the experts use to price homes that 1) get them noticed, 2) get them sold and 3) do it without leaving money on the table.

Ask any potential seller.  Price is a sensitive subject.  Nevertheless, the flip side of holding out for a predetermined number is that you run the risk of losing big time while you pay all of the expenses incurred holding onto a property that won’t sell.

Some real estate agents will promise you that they can get a certain amount for your home, but homebuyers are savvy and will know if you overprice your home. This will mean missing out on the serious homebuyers; they will seek properties that are more reasonably priced.In short, you want to find that perfect balance between aggressive pricing and good common sense.

Let’s first talk about getting noticed.  The appeal of your property is only as strong as the demand you can create.  There is usually a steady supply (some greater than others) but you want to grab as much attention to your home as you can with whatever market there happens to be at the time.

It all starts with the real estate between your ears. Try this: Put yourself in the shoes of a potential home buyer.  What would you think as you pull in front of your house for the first time.  Is it inviting?  Can you imagine your family residing there with you?  Can you envision it as your own?  If that is not easy to do, you may need to provide a better first impression by making a few minor changes.

The following is a list from for creating better curb appeal without sinking a lot of money into the project:

  1. Front Lawn–Mowed, Edged & Well Watered
  2. Trees–Accentuating House/not Blocking View
  3. Bushes–Trimmed
  4. Front Entrance-Mulch, Pull Weeds & Plant–Colorful Flowers in full view
  5. Front Door-Paint w/Gloss Enamel & Polish or replace Door Handle
  6. Walks and Walls-Power Wash Clean
  7. Garage Door–Keep Closed
  8. Mailbox–Clean, Paint, or Replace
  9. House Number–Make Highly Visible
  10. Garbage Cans-Store out of Sight

These are a few things that you can do to “put your best foot forward” without spending an arm & a leg on unnecessary improvements.  Over the years I have seen too many homeowners shove money into a property that is impossible to recoup.

In another edition we will explore pricing techniques as well as some simple tips on staging your home before selling.  Those new yellow curtains may be to your liking, but the majority of your market may hate them.  The choices you make long before listing are the ones you usually have to deal with once on the market.

Pricing can be a touchy subject but, if you plan ahead long before listing you property for sale, you can optimize your return on your family’s greatest investment; your home.  Stay tuned for more tips on selling your home in future installments.

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September 3, 2014

Buying a Home: Pre-Approval

Well, you've chosen the area. The climate is just right and the school district looks very good. But can you afford it? This is the question that everyone buying a home must reckon with.

Most home buyers don’t purchase with all cash.  thus, when you’re ready to buy a home it’s essential that you first get pre-approved for a mortgage loan.  In the pre-approval process your lender will review your financial status by verifying your income and debt service.  Once this is done they will be able to confidently tell you how much house you can afford to buy.  This is based on the loan amount that you qualify for.

Now, pre-approval is something different than “pre-qualification.”  Continue Reading »

So, what's your next step from here? Why not contact us for assistance in getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan right now!

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Are you an aspiring REI entrepreneur with hopes of flipping houses like the TV icons? You know, the entertainment industry has had a field day glamorizing flipping houses for a living. Yet how much of their spin is actually true?

Would you like to know the truth about flipping houses for a living?  Here is a sample project that we at Invesdoor® flipped in February of 2014:                        The entire project was completed within 1 month.

What you see here is simply the “before & after” of one of our house flipping projects.  It took you only 3 minutes to view.  What you DIDN’T see is the numbers behind this kind of project.  The reality is all in the math.

Continue Reading »

Do you hope to be flipping houses for a living soon? If so, visit for more information on doing it right!

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